• Approximately 1,500 black bears live in the national park.

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    *** Noland Creek Trail from the Trailhead on Lakeview Drive and Campsite 65 are closed from Monday, April 7-Thursday, April 24. NOTE: Backpackers that have a backcountry permit to stay at Campsite 65 or start or end their trip at the Noland Creek Trailhead at Lakeview Drive will be able to pass through the construction zone with the assistance of park staff on-site by producing a copy of their permit. ***Due to recent tree fall, the bear cable systems at Campsites #38 have been compromised and are NOT TO BE USED. These campsites remain open but users must be prepared to secure their food using the following technique: Place all odorous items in your pack, select two trees 10-20 feet apart with limbs 15 feet high, using a rock for weight toss a rope over a limb on one tree and tie an end to the pack, repeat with the second tree and raise the pack until it is suspended 10 feet off the ground at least 4 feet or more from the nearest limb.
    BEWARE of placing any tents or hammocks near to these cable systems until the trees are removed and the cable systems have been repaired.
    *** For more information regarding the proper technique for food storage at these sites where the bear cable systems are not usable, please contact the Backcountry Office at 865-436-1297.

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